Hypnosis for Overcoming Approach Anxiety

Meeting women is hard.

No doubt you’ve Googled how to do it and found the brilliant words of wisdom ‘just do it’. Awesome advice if you’re contemplating going for a run, garbage advice if you want to learn how to approach a woman you’re attracted to.

So what makes it so nerve wracking?

Well, from an early age, attractive girls are placed on a pedestal and presented to young men as mysterious, unapproachable and unpredictable. Naturally, many early experiences with attractive girls are awkward and the subconscious mind begins protecting you from potential rejection and ridicule by creating a fear based response to women.

Basically, your subconscious mind has one job; to protect you. And its been doing it a little too well.

Hypnosis for Overcoming Approach Anxiety  is designed to change the way your subconscious mind views women. By listening to this recording, you are convincing your subconscious mind that a fear based response to women is no longer necessary or effective for the life you intend to lead.

Hypnosis for Overcoming Approach Anxiety will give you the confidence you need to be able to approach any woman, any time, regardless of how intimidatingly beautiful she is.

All the gimmicks, methods, openers and advice in the world won’t convince your subconscious mind you are worthy and capable of connecting with beautiful women and experiencing great love. The conscious part of your mind knows how to talk to women but it has no control over your heart beating at a million beats a second, your sweaty palms or the sheer terror you experience at the thought of getting a ‘no’. If your conscious mind were in control of that stuff, we wouldn’t be having this conversation right now.    

The reality is that confident, high value men are made not born. The guys that get the girls are just ordinary dudes who mastered their inner game and didn’t give up.

So if you’re sick of hearing about ‘inner game’ but having no idea where to get it; this is for you.

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