Hypnosis for Overcoming Approach Anxiety

Hypnosis for Overcoming Approach Anxiety | Be confident meeting beautiful women now!

Meeting women is hard.

No doubt you’ve Googled how to do it and found the brilliant words of wisdom ‘just do it’. Awesome advice if you’re contemplating going for a run, garbage advice if you want to learn how to approach a woman you’re attracted to.

So what makes it so nerve wracking?

Well, from an early age, attractive girls are placed on a pedestal and presented to young men as mysterious, unapproachable and unpredictable. Naturally, many early experiences with attractive girls are awkward and the subconscious mind begins protecting you from potential rejection and ridicule by creating a fear based response to women.

Basically, your subconscious mind has one job; to protect you. And its been doing it a little too well.

Hypnosis for Overcoming Approach Anxiety  is designed to change the way your subconscious mind views women. By listening to this recording, you are convincing your subconscious mind that a fear based response to women is no longer necessary or effective for the life you intend to lead.

Hypnosis for Overcoming Approach Anxiety will give you the confidence you need to be able to approach any woman, any time, regardless of how intimidatingly beautiful she is.

All the gimmicks, methods, openers and advice in the world won’t convince your subconscious mind you are worthy and capable of connecting with beautiful women and experiencing great love. The conscious part of your mind knows how to talk to women but it has no control over your heart beating at a million beats a second, your sweaty palms or the sheer terror you experience at the thought of getting a ‘no’. If your conscious mind were in control of that stuff, we wouldn’t be having this conversation right now.    

The reality is that confident, high value men are made not born. The guys that get the girls are just ordinary dudes who mastered their inner game and didn’t give up.

So if you’re sick of hearing about ‘inner game’ but having no idea where to get it; this is for you.

8 Hours of Free Rain Sounds

Sometimes I do crazy things like spend 4 days uploading over 8 hours of super peaceful background sound. I have always loved the sound of heavy rain against a window so i figured why not put this together and share it with my beautiful hypno fam.

I hope you love this delightfully relaxing background sound as much as I do.


3 things to consider if you want a career in hypnotherapy.

A career in hypnotherapy is extremely rewarding but before taking the leap into the world of hypnosis education, there are 3 things I believe you should consider.


  1. Are you willing and able to be self employed?

You might love the idea of helping people with hypnosis and imagine relaxing days with wonderful clients who are ever so appreciative of your time and effort and incredible skills. The question is, how comfortable are you with being the office assistant, receptionist, director of marketing, social media manager, booking agent, customer service officer, complaints department, finance manger and so on?

A career in hypnotherapy is a career in self employment. It can be rewarding but it can also be lonely and a lot of pressure when everything depends on you.


  1. Get the best education possible.

I highly recommend studying hypnosis at a school face to face rather than online. While there is a place for online education, hypnotherapy is deeply personal and you’re going to need to practice and develop your skills on real people with real feedback. You will also have the benefit of being hypnotised every day by a variety of hypnotherapist.

In terms of choosing which school to go to, you need to look into the requirements of where you live and work back. Start with insurance companies. Find out what your local insurance companies require in terms of qualifications, accreditation and hours of practical case studies then find a school that meets those requirements.

Different insurers have different requirements and doing your research is going to save you a lot of anxiety in the future.


  1. Practice, practice, practice!

When you’re training and once you’re qualified, hypnotise lots of people for lots of issues. You’re going to want to maintain and develop your skills immediately or you are likely to lose confidence and once it’s gone it’s challenging to get it back.

There is no substitute for hypnotising people in real life. No amount of theory or study will develop your skills in the way that hypnotising and being hypnotised will.

I’m constantly delighted with my decision to pursue a career in hypnotherapy. It isn’t without it’s challenges but overall I find it rewarding and ultimately, I really love working for myself. So good luck and start practicing.

Hypnosis for Public Speaking Confidence

I know I shouldn’t play favourites but I’m totally going to play favourites. Working with people involved in public speaking is some of my favourite work as a hypnotherapist.

The thing that separates my public speaking clients from all other clients is determination. They tend to be the most determined, motivated, action taking clients and it makes sense really. The kind of person who feels uncomfortable with public speaking but does it anyway and does the work to improve and feel confident, is the kind of person who is a pleasure to work with.

Public speaking is a skill that can be improved with practice and experience. While the thought of public speaking is enough to send shivers down the spine of many, the reality is mastering the ability to speak in front of others is priceless. It is the kind of skill that can change your career, boost your profile and create a lucrative income.

If you’re considering hypnotherapy for public speaking, click here. To book a one on one hypnotherapy session with me on Skype, visit www.MyOnlineHypno.com.  

When Your Content is Out of Your Comfort Zone

I can’t believe I’m writing this. When I started ‘doing’ YouTube, I couldn’t have imagined that rapid hypnosis inductions would kind of become my thing. Nevertheless, here we are and I couldn’t be happier.

Branching out and experimenting with rapid inductions has increased my skills as a hypnotist and introduced a whole new audience to my content that otherwise may never have found me. Also… They’re fun.

No matter what kind of content you have, branching out and experimenting (while staying true to yourself and your brand) is super important. It moves you outside your comfort zone, you will learn a lot and you may even discover a new niche.

Hypnotherapy to help people is still the biggest part of what I do but having fun with rapid inductions is a treat for both me and my subscribers. It’s important to challenge yourself and your skill set. In terms of hypnosis, rapid induction techniques are a great way to show off a little bit of your repertoire and take some time away from the usual various on The Elman Induction.  

I’m sensing a theme here. Try new things!

How I Used a Fidget Spinner to Grow My YouTube Audience

Capitalise on trends. Advice I heard thrown around a lot by the likes of Gary Vee and others but never really clicked until the Fidget Spinner arrived on the scene.

I mean it always made sense. People are searching for things that are trending. If you make something that relates to that trend, those people searching will find you. Simple.

How on Earth does that apply to hypnosis though? Things that trend are Presidential Elections, sporting events, celebrity scandals, fashion, tv shows… Sadly, hypnosis is rarely trending.

I did notice a trend among my own videos though. The beauty of YouTube Analytics is that there is no guessing. It’s very easy to determine which videos people are watching, which videos are bringing people in and which videos have engagement. Recently I noticed the rapid hypnosis induction videos I tried as an experiment were performing particularly well. Comments asking for more had increased along with views, audience retention and a growing number of subscribers.

Having ignored Fidget Spinners and written them off as another piece of junk cluttering the planet, it wasn’t until I started paying attention that I realised I could use a Fidget Spinner as a focal point for an eye fixation hypnosis and experiment with capitalising on a trend.

Of course there is no way to guarantee the success of a particular video but there are a number of things you can do to give it the best chance possible. Years of YouTube content creation experience and my gut told me I was onto something but I would have to move quickly. After all, trends go as quickly as they come.

So I hurried to the shops, battled strollers, endured the shoves and high pitched squeals of pre teens, contemplated the value of human life and I picked up a shiny red Fidget Spinner.

Two hours later I had recorded, edited and uploaded a brand new YouTube video and within minutes the comments started coming. The comments came and continue to come like no other video I’ve ever uploaded. It was clear early on that this was a hit. The engagement was the highest I have ever experienced, subscribers were growing and I was given the greatest YouTube gift of all. An audience of people telling me exactly what they want.

The experiment was a success and I now realise that (almost) everything can be related to hypnosis. There has never been a better or easier time to capitalise on trends. We have been given the gift of knowledge. We don’t have to speculate about what women aged 24 – 30 are thinking about, they’re telling us on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Snapchat, Pinterest, Blogs and more.

So start listening and start creating. There is an audience for everyone and capitalising on a trend will help you find yours.

Welcome to www.AliciaFairclough.com

Welcome to www.AliciaFairclough.com

Welcome to my little corner of the internet! A place where I can share with you the things I have made and the thoughts I have about hypnosis and the business of YouTube.

As my YouTube channel and hypno fam has grown, the content I create has diversified in ways I could not have predicted. Who knew me doing rapid hypnosis inductions would become a thing?

With this, the products and services I offer continue to evolve and I have been craving my own space where I could bring it all together, organise my world and share it with you.

So thanks for stopping by. Feel free to explore and stay in touch because I love hearing from you.

If you’re on Instagram, be sure to say hi to me. It’s my second favourite place to hang out! @SydneyAly