A career in hypnotherapy is extremely rewarding but before taking the leap into the world of hypnosis education, there are 3 things I believe you should consider.


  1. Are you willing and able to be self employed?

You might love the idea of helping people with hypnosis and imagine relaxing days with wonderful clients who are ever so appreciative of your time and effort and incredible skills. The question is, how comfortable are you with being the office assistant, receptionist, director of marketing, social media manager, booking agent, customer service officer, complaints department, finance manger and so on?

A career in hypnotherapy is a career in self employment. It can be rewarding but it can also be lonely and a lot of pressure when everything depends on you.


  1. Get the best education possible.

I highly recommend studying hypnosis at a school face to face rather than online. While there is a place for online education, hypnotherapy is deeply personal and you’re going to need to practice and develop your skills on real people with real feedback. You will also have the benefit of being hypnotised every day by a variety of hypnotherapist.

In terms of choosing which school to go to, you need to look into the requirements of where you live and work back. Start with insurance companies. Find out what your local insurance companies require in terms of qualifications, accreditation and hours of practical case studies then find a school that meets those requirements.

Different insurers have different requirements and doing your research is going to save you a lot of anxiety in the future.


  1. Practice, practice, practice!

When you’re training and once you’re qualified, hypnotise lots of people for lots of issues. You’re going to want to maintain and develop your skills immediately or you are likely to lose confidence and once it’s gone it’s challenging to get it back.

There is no substitute for hypnotising people in real life. No amount of theory or study will develop your skills in the way that hypnotising and being hypnotised will.

I’m constantly delighted with my decision to pursue a career in hypnotherapy. It isn’t without it’s challenges but overall I find it rewarding and ultimately, I really love working for myself. So good luck and start practicing.

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